Statement of Purpose

Fine, for now I’ll consider this a place to document my language learning. How’s that for a compromise?

Я сейчас поиду на русскую “митап” группу. That’s right. I will indiscriminately and unmercifully switch in and out of whatever languages I feel like. It comes with the proverbial territory, I’m afraid. Furthermore, since I am in the process of learning these languages, there may well be mistakes.  That also comes with the territory. I urge, nay, implore, nay, beg any native speakers out there to correct what I write. (Who are these native speakers of other languages reading my blog? Are they any more than pure fantasy on the part of the author? If so, do they not still have some validity, if only as whimsical conceits created to indulge his ego with their attentiveness?)

צו פֿיל ענגליש!


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